Residential Security Monitoring

How often do you hear and ignore the sound of an alarm siren?

Whether you are at home or away, Coast To Coast Alarms Security monitoring centre can protect the things in life that are most important to you.

Back to base monitoring may also benefit you in reducing your insurance premiums. Your insurer will see your home as being less risk of a break-in, and you less at risk of making a claim. Check with your insurance provider if this is available to you.

How Back to Base Monitoring Works?

When your alarm system is triggered our highly trained response team at the Security Monitoring Centre will alert you within minutes of your alarm being activated and will respond by actioning your nominated emergency response plan. This can be by calling you or listed contacts or by sending a patrol guard.

What can be monitored?

Burglary and intrusion

Perimeter protection devices provide you with extra protection for you and your family when home alone or asleep at night. When perimeter protection devices are added to your security system, you can arm doors and windows and move freely around your home providing you with extra protection and secure in the knowledge that if activated you will be alerted.

Smoke and fire detection

Incorporating hard-wired smoke detectors to your home security system can provide the ultimate fire protection for your home. Unlike traditional smoke detectors that only sound to alert you of smoke or fire in your home, Add this to your security system and if the detector is triggered, your security system will send a signal to our 24/7 monitoring centre who will alert you and if required call the Fire Brigade.
*Additional charges may apply for fire brigade attendance.

Emergency / Panic Alerts

Keep panic buttons in easy reach of each of your family members to help you feel secure and have a good night sleep. In the event of emergency situation, the buttons can trigger the alarm system, allowing the system to respond by contacting the monitoring station and alerting them to the situation.

About our monitoring centre

Our Security Monitoring Centre complies with the strictest of Australian Standards and is based right here in Western Australia. Our highly skilled operators undergo state Police checks, and hold security licence accreditation. Coupled with training, we ensure that all of our staff are of the highest calibre within the security industry.