Back to Base Alarm Monitoring Perth

Our Perth back to base alarm monitoring centre guarantees an emergency security response to your premise within minutes of your home or work security alarm system sounding. When your alarm system is triggered, our highly trained response team at the Coast to Coast Alarm Security Monitoring Centre will respond by actioning your nominated emergency response plan.

Our 24/7, Grade A1 security monitoring centre utilises the latest Dialler Monitoring, GPRS Monitoring & Dual Path Monitoring technologies and can provide reports by either email, SMS or phone call. Enquire today about our security monitoring rates starting from less than $1 per day plus zero lock-in contracts. Call 0435 831 506 or email


Whether you are at home, work or sitting on a beach in Bali, our back to base alarm monitoring service protects the things in life that are most important to you, every hour of every day. Our highly-trained, Perth-based emergency response team have all undergone State Police checks, intensive training and are fully accredited.

Back to base alarm security monitoring may also benefit you in reducing your insurance premiums. Your insurer will see your home as being less at risk of a break-in, and less at risk of making a claim.


BURGLARY AND INTRUSION – Perimeter protection devices provide you with extra protection for you and your family when home alone or asleep at night. When perimeter protection devices are added to your security system, you can arm doors and windows and move freely around your home providing you with extra protection and security in the knowledge that if activated you will be alerted.

SMOKE AND FIRE DETECTION – Incorporating hard-wired smoke detectors into your home security system can provide the ultimate fire protection for your home. Unlike traditional smoke detectors that only sound to alert you of smoke or fire in your home. Add this to your alarm security system and if the detector is triggered, your security system will send a signal to our 24/7 Peth security monitoring centre who will alert you and if required call the Fire Brigade.*Additional charges may apply for fire brigade attendance.

EMERGENCY/PANIC ALERTS – Keep panic buttons in easy reach of each of your family members to help you feel secure and have a good night sleep. In the event of an emergency situation, the buttons can trigger the alarm system, allowing the system to respond by contacting the monitoring station and alerting them to the situation.



GPRS NBN Compatible Alarm Monitoring Security System

Our NBN Compatible GPRS Monitoring Unit sends all alarm signals via the mobile phone network to the monitoring centre eliminating the need for a separate phone line and associated call costs.

The unit we use and recommend is a safe dial. This unit has the capabilities to remote Arm/Disarm your system from anywhere in the world.

Units can be purchased for $189.00 plus GST and ongoing monitoring charges from as little as a dollar a day.

Dialler Monitoring (Medium Alarm Monitoring Security System)

Dialler alarm monitoring is the standard level of monitoring.

This option uses a fixed telephone line to communicate with the Alarm Monitoring Centre.

Service can only be disrupted if phone lines are cut. This service is popular for homes and businesses where no cash or valuables are kept on site.

Self Monitoring Alarm Monitoring Security System

1. Stand-alone gsm communicator or Standard Telephone Line

If you have a standard dialler phone line or GPRS unit connected to your alarm system, it is possible to communicate directly with your smartphone. Using this service there are no ongoing 3rd party monitoring charges – when an intruder activates your alarm, your mobile phone will ring and you will hear a simulated siren sound to notify you that your alarm has been activated.

2. Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm Panel App

Using our Bosch Solution 6000 alarm panel we can install and set up an app for iPhone or Android which gives you the full capability to monitor your home or business. This app will allow remote control of your system from anywhere in the world including opening and closing of garage doors. It also has a panic feature that sets off the alarm system sirens if you are home.


Our ASIAL Certified Alarm Security Monitoring Centre

Many of the larger Alarm Companies have consolidated their monitoring services to the eastern states. This means that due to time differences, the number of clients involved, operator familiarity with your area and different Police response requirements in different states utilising an out of state monitoring service can reduce the effectiveness of your alarm monitoring and jeopardise the security of your home and business.

Our control room is locally based in Perth with staff who are fully experienced, trained and licensed. They know who you are, where you are and will take appropriate action based on your instructions.

If you would like your alarm system monitored for as little as $1 a day or would like some expert advice, get in contact with Coast To Coast Alarms today on 0435 831 506, or submit a contact form and we will get in touch with you.